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Real Creation is a blog of general genre particularly entertainment, gaming, and review product.

I personally was amazed by this blog because it's when I first visited it, it's like entering a department store where you can find everything you need under the sun. I mean, seriously, the categories you would find are: animation, autos, business, education, entertainment, fashion, games, hobbies, home furniture, home improvement, music, pharmacy, real estate, sports, sports car, technology, travel, video editing, and web design. This blog got everything!

Real Creation is the best place to read reviews on the mentioned categories above. Not just ordinary reviews, it showcases extra-ordinary reviews for the products that's been shown. Reading and commenting on these posts really gives me a lot of ideas for future post of mine as well.

Why not check it out as well? I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay!

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Design Templates for the Web

I will give you a preview on how easy and convenient a website is created using design templates.

The first thing to consider is the theme of the website. Is it sporty? Techy? Corporate? Cute? Girly? Manly? Well, whatever the theme may be, it's the starting point of getting all the ideas.

Next is to have a background slide. It's available in various colors and designs, like I said, depending on the theme of the website. Background slides are seldomly noticed so it doesn't have to have striking colors and designs. Some sites have gradient-styled backgrounds, some contains images but with low opacity. This is to avoid people look at the background instead of the text.

Now here's where the template goes in. A template is like a house with a lot of windows. This is where you insert images related on the site on the box provided on the template. You'll also have the header text and the body of each section that you would place such as Home, Services, Contact Support, etc.

Some sites add opening slide using flash animation. Some sites add audios as well. These require a better computer skill. If you're not that kind of person, you can just ask someone who will be paid to do so. Just this part.

What's good about templates is that it's very easy to make changes. Like filling uo a Facebook, Friendster, or any account, design templates is editable like so.

For a more detailed information on design templates, visit this site.